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Ascendancy Research, based in Minneapolis, is currently hosting a paid ONLINE research study about Social Media Platforms.

PAYS $200-$325 for participating.

There are 2 parts to this study if you qualify and scheduled to participate. The 1st part is a Online Board that will take place Monday, May 6 - Sunday, May 12. It would be about 20 min a day. You would receive $200 for participating.

The 2nd part, is some respondents based on their responses in the online board will be invited to participate in a 60 min web interview on either 5/16 or 5/17. You would receive an additional $125 for participating in this part of the study.

This study will focus on your opinions and attitudes towards social media apps.

Please fill out the following qualifying survey to be able to participate and confirm you qualify. There are absolutely NO sales involved, this is strictly for research. 

Do you know someone who may be a good fit for this study? Send them the following link to share the qualifying survey with them:

Your opinions will be kept in strict confidence and no attempt will be made by anyone involved with the research to sell you anything based on anything you share during the discussion.