Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Summer School Needs Assessment

The purpose of this survey is to determine how Cheyney University can assist you with enrolling for summer courses. As the semester ends, it is important that you evaluate your academic standing by meeting with your faculty advisor to ensure your college plan will ensure you are successful in your college career. In this regard, your feedback is important to us as we plan for summer enrollment.

Specific questions relative your coursework should be discussed with your faculty advisor.

Thank you.

* 1. How many credits do you currently have toward your major?

What courses do you need to graduate? Please be specific.

* 2. What classes would you like to take or need to take during the summer?

* 3. Are you planning to work this summer?

* 4. If yes, will you take summer courses while working?

* 5. What would be a convenient place to take these courses?

* 6. What would be convenient times to take these courses?

* 7. Will you be intersted in taking weekend courses?

* 8. If yes, indicate your preferred time of class:

* 9. Will a residential housing discount provide an incentive for you to enroll in summer 20012 courses?