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Instructions for completing the Application Form

Deadline to apply: 10 September 2024

If you need advice on your Research Fellowship Application, please do not hesitate to contact the Relevant Research Theme Coordinator. If you need assistance with completing the application form, or encounter any problems, please contact the Secretariat immediately.

A PDF version of this form is available here and on the CRP Call for Applications webpage for you to download to prepare your application off line before starting to fill in this form.
Items marked with * are obligatory. You will not be able to submit your application if these questions are not answered.
The information you input is automatically saved when you finish the last question on each page. You need to complete all the questions on a page to be able to go back a page without losing your answers. If you click on “PREV” before you complete all your answers on a page, you will need to redo those questions.

You should be able to leave the application form by just shutting it and reclicking on the link on the CRP Applications webpage. If you are not taken back to your application form, you should contact the CRP Secretariat immediately.
You should be able to enlarge the boxes for long text answers by clicking on the small, diagonal lines in the bottom right of the box and dragging down and right.

The system being used does not have an automatic facility for your completed application form to be sent to you, but the CRP Secretariat will send it to you very shortly after submission.

The OECD is committed to the protection of personal information of the users of its websites. We invite you to refer to the OECD's private policy statement at If you have further queries or complaints related to the processing of your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer:
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