Mobilization Profile:

* 1. Demographics:

* 2. Type of Mobile App:

* 3. How did you hear about this app? (check all that applies)

* 4. Purpose for using the app (check all that applies)

* 5. BLOOM APP TAXONOMY (check the category that applies to Bloom's Taxonomy) Check all that applies

* 6. App used for:

* 7. App provides practice in an authentic format/problem-based environment?

  YES NO Unsure Not Applicable
Directions are provided for utilizing the apps for education and/or workforce development
Instructions included within the app helpful to the student?
App can be used without a connection to the internet?
App requires special IT support
App provides practice in an authentic format/problem-based environment?
App provides feedback specific and result in improved student performance?
App offers flexibility to alter settings to meet student needs?
App asks for personal information?
Students can launch and navigate within the app independently?
App requires the use of a camera?
App requires a connection to FaceBook?
App provides feedback and data electronically to the student and teacher?
Sound: The music/sound in the app add to the educational aspects of the content?
App ‘s supporting Web page provide additional useful information?
App retains the student’s work and allows the student access to his/her work at the last stopping point.
App provides immediate reinforcement/reward of completed task?
App has pop-ups for you to update to the next level?
App is free of ads and pop-ups?
App can be used in both landscape and portrait modes?
App allows students to work at his/her own pace?
App developer /company email is referenced?
App has sequential level of 'degrees of difficulty'?
App requires special accessories like a stylus, etc.?
App had technical problems (would not load or kept closing)
App design was appropriate for education (color, size of items, movement, etc.)
App can be used with students with disabilities?
App can be used with limited English students?
App can be adjusted for educational levels and grades?