Curling on Nathan Philips Square: Feb 23, 24 and 25

The City of Toronto has invited the TCA to install two sheets of demonstration ice at Nathan Phillips Square on the weekend of February 23, 24 and 25.  The TCA is calling for volunteers to help us operate this as a "Pop-up Event!"  Essentially, we need people to help coordinate the use of the two sheets of ice that will be installed outdoors in downtown Toronto.
We need people to help with a number of tasks:
  1. Greeters and Line-up Coordinators will welcome people to touch and throw a curling stone.  Greeters and Line-up coordinators will explain that members of the public are welcome, over this weekend, to throw a few curing stones on Nathan Philips Square's ice.  You will direct people to a cordoned-off line up and help manage people taking their turn on the ice.
  2. Home-end, on-ice coordinators will receive people from the lineup, introduce them to the ice and instruct them in throwing a curling stone to the far end of the sheet.  (No need for any full-blown Curling Canada instruction, here. It's just, "here's the hack, lob it down the sheet.")  You'll explain that their objective is to slide the stone into the house at the far end.
  3. Far end coordinators will be responsible for catching and managing stones that are being thrown. When all stones are thrown, you pull them to the back of the sheet and start over.
  4. Support volunteers will assist the other volunteers in greeting people and in coordinating on-ice activity.  You may be asked to help with other activities that will make the experience safe and fun for all.
If this sounds like fun and you have time to help, fill in your name below and indicate when you would be available to help. 

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* 2. During which of these time-slots will you be available to help?

Indicate as many time slots as you please.  We will coordinate to distribute the work to many hands and ensure you are not overworked!

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