ENC (Electronic Navigational Chart) charts and chart updates issued after August 31st 2017 will have a new format. Compliance to the newest ECDIS performance standard and its test standard, which enables the ECDIS to present charts in compliance with the latest chart standards, is mandatory for new installations after 31. August 2017. For already existing installations it is the flag state of the ship’ flag that determines whether upgrade to the latest ECDIS performance standard is mandatory or not. Please note that e.g. class companies and charterers may require compliance to the latest standards.

It is recommended that ship owners verify whether upgrade is required or not with each ship’s flag state, class or other relevant authority.

The following software is available for installation

TECDIS T-2138A/2138D/2138B Software is available in version 4.8.3
T- 2424 Software is available in version 4.8.3
T- 2136 (2026TC) Software is available in version 4.8.3*
T- 2136 (2026TA) Hardware is not compatible with new software

*Special conditions apply

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