The Forum on Education Abroad has launched a new initiative to identify best practices in curriculum design and teaching abroad. If you have designed or taught an effective or innovative course for students abroad, the Forum would like to know about it. The Forum is particularly interested in learning about creative and effective teaching approaches and methods.

Our goal is to compile resources from across the curriculum that will assist faculty at Forum member institutions to advance their efforts in developing education abroad curricula and teaching methods. The final product will be an online resource center containing a full complement of different types of tools and information, such as oral and written interviews with faculty who have taught abroad, sample syllabi and course descriptions, program profiles, and standardized information sheets.

If you have been involved in designing and teaching an education abroad course that you think is notable in any way, for example, in its structure, content, relationship to the host country or program delivery, and would like to contribute to this project by sharing information about this course with other Forum members, please complete the following questionnaire. With your permission, we will share your responses with other Forum members via our website.

PREPARATION: The first part of the interface consists of simple multiple choice questions. These are followed by several "interview" questions which require some reflection. We encourage you to preview the interview questions in order to formulate thoughtful answers. Please keep in mind that the text of your responses will be shared. If you wish to submit information on multiple courses, please complete a separate form for each course.

Thank you for your support of this Forum initiative!