NJ TRANSIT Transit-Friendly Planning, Land Use and Development Program

The NJ TRANSIT Transit-Friendly Planning, Land Use and Development Program (TFPLUD) supports transit use by working with communities to provide for an appropriate mix of land uses around NJ TRANSIT terminals, stations, and stops.  Beginning in the mid-1990s, the TFPLUD Program has enabled NJ TRANSIT to participate in transit-supportive development through activities such as public education and on-call technical assistance, along with projects focused on enhancing transit ridership, creating non-farebox revenue, spurring local economic revitalization, and leveraging transit to improve quality of life.

NJ TRANSIT is now strategically updating the TFPLUD Program, refining program initiatives and offerings to best serve the diverse stakeholders engaged in transit-supportive activities throughout New Jersey.

TFPLUD Program Update Survey

The following survey will take roughly ten minutes to complete.  NJ TRANSIT values your time and willingness to share your perspective.  Your input will help to shape the program activities, initiatives, and resources that contribute to transit-supportive communities throughout New Jersey.

Thank you for participating!
Background Questions

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* 1. What type of organization do you currently work for?

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* 2. In the past 10 years, have you served as a volunteer, appointee, or staff member on any of the following bodies? (Select the option that you have served in MOST over the past 10 years)

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* 3. Do you or your organization have a role or responsibility in implementing transit-supportive planning, land use, and/or development?

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