Application form

The aim of the WFOT Thelma Cardwell Foundation Award for Research is to provide funding for pilot projects or small-scale feasibility projects that can build and/or strengthen research capacity in occupational therapy.

1.      The WFOT Thelma Cardwell Foundation Award for Research specifically addresses contextually relevant and culturally sensitive projects that support the occupational needs of local communities and individuals.

2.      Applications must relate to one or more of the WFOT international occupational therapy research priorities:
   •    Effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions
   •    Evidence-based practice and knowledge translation
   •    Participation in everyday life
   •    Healthy ageing
   •    Occupational therapy and chronic conditions
   •    Sustainable community development and population based-occupational therapy interventions
   •    Technology and occupational therapy
   •    Occupational therapy professional issues

More information on WFOT international occupational therapy research priorities can be found in:

3.      Applications must support original ideas that have not received funds from other sources.

4.      Projects should be completed within a two-year maximum timeline. Applications are not accepted for projects that have commenced prior to the date of the award announcement.

5.      The principal investigator for each application must be an individual member of WFOT.

6.      Only one application can be submitted for each applicant.

7.      Budgets totalling up to US$5500 will be considered for funding. The Award funds may be used for human resources support, equipment, supplies, participant compensation or technical assistance for an approved project. Funding does not allow for indirect costs. Travel is an allowable cost item but only if it pertains to the completion of the research project (data collection or analysis). WFOT allows congress/conference registration to disseminate the results of the research project, but not travel.

8.      The successful applicant(s) must be willing to submit an interim and final project report to WFOT.  

Application deadline
The application deadline is the 29 October 2023 by 5:00pm in the applicant’s time zone.

For more information, please review the Guidelines for the Thelma Cardwell Foundation Award for Research.
Applications for the Award will be assessed by a Committee within the WFOT Research Programme. A report including the committee’s recommendation will be presented to the WFOT Executive Management Team. The successful applicant will be announced at the WFOT Council Meeting, held every second year.