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EDHECinfra research note "The Cost of Capital of Brown Gas"

Following the European Commission's decision to include natural gas in the EU Green Taxonomy, an EDHECinfra research note, "The Cost of Capital of Brown Gas," argues that natural gas already has a very attractive cost of capital, and this decision could have unfavourable consequences for investment in renewable energy.

To view the detailed classification framework, download our TICCS® standard here.

As TICCS® is a standard for the industry, we would like to hear your views on the current classification.

This consultation will be open for a period of 6 months until 30th November 2021.

The results of this consultation will be reviewed by the independent review committee

I thank you sincerely for your contribution to this important project.

Frederic Blanc-Brude,
EDHEC Infrastructure Institute
2021 TICCS® Consultation