Reasons for the survey and legal stuff

Why are we conducting this survey?

Daisy and Mitel work with some of the world’s most forward-thinking manufacturers to help them deliver this essential competitive advantage.

They do this by future-proofing their IT, their cloud and communications systems. They develop for them a collaboration infrastructure, increasing their connectivity and providing ROI and business case assistance. They enable manufacturers to achieve this transformation through flexible tailor-made investment options and competitive finance arrangements.  

Why is this so important? The FTSE Iceberg statistic says that more than 60% of manufacturers need to invest in these connected technologies in order simply to survive! Those that don’t will witness low margins, weak innovation, slow profits and, potentially, disappearance from the market.

We are asking you to complete this survey because Daisy wants to get a deeper understanding of what makes UK manufacturers tick, what keeps them awake at night and how they are coping with the demands of this very rapidly changing world.

Once all the results have been collated we will be creating a comprehensive report and as a very-valued contributor we will send you a copy so that you can understand how your priorities measure up with other leaders in your sector and what that means to you over the next two to three years.

Before we get going, here is the data and legal stuff we need to share. 

You are perfectly able to complete this survey without offering us your Personal Identifiable Information. 

If you would like to receive a copy of the final report from Daisy, please supply your details and then opt in to receiving communications from Daisy.

You will similarly have the opportunity to opt in to receiving future communications from The Manufacturer.

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