The Pulmonary Health and Illness of the Lungs, PHIL, Award honors and recognizes the unsung heroes in the respiratory profession who understand that each breath matters and provide exemplary care and treatment for patients with respiratory illnesses. The PHIL Award was created in 2006 in honor of Philip C. Lamka, who passed away from Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) by his family.

This national award is presented at leading hospitals in the country to honor and recognize outstanding respiratory care. UHS is pleased to support the PHIL Award and nominations are now open. Colleagues are encouraged to submit nominations for their peers in Respiratory Therapy that exemplify the criteria Iisted below.

Selection Criteria:
Nominees embody professional excellence in the care of pulmonary illnesses that leads to improved healthcare outcomes among patients. Nominees should represent the highest levels of competency in the following areas:

Ranking Descriptions:
1. Consistently -  Demonstrates the required skills, abilities and commitment for this job task.
2. Noteworthy - Achieves job requirements and occasionally exceeds expectations.
3. Exemplary - Consistently exceeds expectations resulting in extraordinary accomplishments.

Question Title

* 1. Who are you nominating?

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* 2. Balances both team and individual responsibilities to ensure successful outcomes

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* 3. Builds trust and promotes well-being with all they encounter in their work

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* 4. Actively engages in team efforts to improve quality, safety, and satisfaction with colleagues

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* 5. Possesses personal responsibility to meet the needs of patients, families with compassion and respect

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* 6. Statement of Support
Please respond to the following questions as it pertains to this nomination. For each question , please provide two specific examples in sentence  form that support the nomination. 

Please provide 2 examples of how this nominee provides exemplary care and treatment for patients with respiratory illnesses

Consider the following:

•  Exhibit s personal responsibility y to meet the needs of patient s, families and colleagues with compassion and respect.
•   Performance of services with integrity abiding by ethical work practices.
•   Demonstrates professional excellence in the care of pulmonary illnesses

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