1. Please complete the contact information below.

2. Please supply us with a secondary contact number.

Murray Hill Center standard policy requires at least two contact numbers for each respondent.

If the secondary number you give us is not your own number but a friend, family member or co-worker please indicate as such.

3. What is your gender?

4. What is your current age?

5. What is your ethnicity?

6. What is your current work status?

7. What is your Occupation-Job Title, Company you work for, and Industry?

(If you are Retired, Unemployed or a Homemaker Please tell us your previous employment information. If you are a full-time student please enter your Grade, School and Major)

8. 8. What is the highest level of education that you have completed?

9. 9. What is your current marital status?

10. what is your total annual income before taxes?

11. Which of the following trades do you CURRENTLY work in?

12. Which of the following is your primary trade ?

13. Do you CURRENTLY recommend, install & service any of the following products for your clients, customers, tenants?

14. Which of the following products  are you responsible for your clients, customers, tenants?

15. What type of water heaters do you install / maintain?

16. Are the worksites / jobsites where you CURRENTLY install water heaters:

17. How many water heaters has YOUR COMPANY installed in the past 12 months?

18. Which brands of the following are currently installed of your worksite / jobsite?

19. Facility/Property Managers/Engineers & Maintenance, Repairs & Operations:
Do you currently use a Building Management System (BMS) ast the property you manage?

20. Facility/Property Managers/Engineers & Maintenance, Repairs & Operations:
What is the square footage of the property you currently work in / own?

21. How many OEM's /Manufacturers are you currently working with?

22. How many full time employees does your company have?