CTA Tactile Bus Stop Sign Pilot Survey

This summer as part of ongoing efforts to make public transportation easier to navigate for people with disabilities, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) began the installation of more than 1,300 tactile signs at bus stops along 12 major bus routes. The aim of this pilot is to make the boarding locations for bus stops easier to identify for riders who are visually impaired.

The tactile signs are blue with a white trim, 4” X 6.5”, feature the words “BUS STOP” in Braille and raised type face. The tactile signs are centered on the pole of the existing bus stop, between 48” and 60” from ground level.

The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from CTA customers who may use the tactile signs.

Question Title

* 1. Before taking this survey, did you know about CTA’s Tactile signage program?

Question Title

* 2. Have you used or helped someone use the tactile signs at CTA bus stops to identify the bus stop location?