Thank you for agreeing to take this short survey, which should take no more than 15 minutes of your time.  The primary objective of this survey is to obtain information concerning international disputes involving an issue of (i) technology,(ii) life sciences, or (iii) intellectual property.  Your views on these issues are very important to us.
Unless indicated otherwise, please answer based on your experience with international Technology, Life Sciences, and IP disputes, and your experience involving Technology or Life Sciences companies, as opposed to broader dispute-resolution experiences.  If uncertain about a question, please use your judgment—we are happy to have your views.

The following definitions apply:

  • “Technology” includes anything technical, technological or scientific. We ask that you apply the term in its ordinary usage but including scientific issues, or how you have used and understood it in your experience, and when in doubt, err on the side of inclusion.
  • Technology Companies” derive a significant amount of their value from Technology, their use of Technology, or the provision of Technology-related services.  Companies in the construction, energy, environmental, defense, digital, internet, telecommunications, and transportation industries frequently derive significant amounts of their revenue from the use or exploitation of Technology, and such companies are intended to be included in this definition.
  • Life Sciences Companies” derive a significant amount of their value from pharmaceuticals, bio-technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other similar sectors, or the provision of services to companies engaged in those activities, which activities are referred to generally as "Life Sciences." 
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