From 1964 through 2005 PCC had a printed student newspaper, The Bridge, that was funded by general college funds. It was eliminated during a round of budget cuts in 2005.

Your District Student Council is conducting this survey to find out if there is support for re-starting the Bridge as an online student newspaper, funded by an small increase in the Student Activity Fee.

The New Bridge is currently under development, but there are questions about its continued funding. <br<br> To view the New Bridge, click here

* 1. Are you interested in seeing an online PCC District student run newspaper created and maintained?

* 2. How likely are you to read a PCC online student newspaper?

* 3. I would support a 10 cent per credit hour student activity fee increase to fund an online student newspaper? (Example, this would cost $1.20 a term for a student taking 12 credit hours)

* 4. What other programs would you like your student activity fees to fund?