Who do you know that I should know?

Throughout the year, my team and I look to acknowledge leaders who are making a difference, doing something that makes a difference, with people who make a difference, and at a time that makes a difference. This is my definition of a transformational leader!

I am willing to bet that you know someone making an impact like this; someone who is influencing others in your community and perhaps the world! If so, I encourage you to take a moment to fill out this short survey. We want you to identify someone you think the world should know about, and that we can possibly interview for my team's Podcast, which is called "The Transformational Leader Podcast." 
Additionally, your nomination will be automatically considered for the John C. Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award, which is held each August.  We start with hundreds of leaders and then choose the Top 30, Top 10, the Final 4, and eventually the winner. Please consider a leader who is significantly adding value to the lives of others this past year.   I would love to know about them!

Your friend,

John Maxwell

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* 1. LEADER RECOMMENDATION - The Leader You Are Identifying for the Podcast and/or Maxwell Award

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* 5. ELIGIBILITY CHECK - Is the person you are nominating a person not affiliated with the John Maxwell Team, or John Maxwell Company.

Note: To be eligible for the John Maxwell Leadership Award we need to ensure the person you are nominating is NOT a John Maxwell Team member, or part of the John Maxwell Company.  We want to recognize Transformational leaders outside of these two organizations.