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Thank you for your interest and commitment to the holistic success of undocumented students into, through, and beyond higher education.

The California 2016 Undocu College Guide & Equity Tool serves as the inaugural report and publication specifically developed to inform, leaders and institutions, on how to improve: access, inclusion, equity, and success... of undocumented students in higher education.

Since the inception of the Undocumented Student Program at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), we have been committed not only to the development & success of our program, but also, in serving as advocates for undocumented student success and services across the landscape of higher education. This services has included statewide and national presentations, trainings, mainstream and academic journal publications, and consulting/coaching.

The Undocu College Guide & Equity Tool serves as a platform that will holistically engage institutions across the sectors of higher education from Community Colleges, State Universities, Research Universities, and Private Universities.

The purpose of this engagement is to learn from one another, investigate our common challenges, identify our effective practices, and develop training materials to support our professional development and abilities.

The information you provide in this collection tool will be utilized for research and training development purposes. No individual personal or institutional information will be shared. If at any point, personal or institutional information is needed we will first contact your representatives (identified by you in this tool) to explain and confirm your comfortability.

Our vision is to launch annual training and professional development efforts that are informed by undocumented students (Undergraduate and Graduate), professional staff working with undocumented students, faculty research on related areas that directly impact undocumented students, higher education administrators/executive leaders, and experts in fields that go beyond the academy.

We believe that this holistic and intersectional training and professional development approach will provide us with the best opportunities to support the holistic success of undocumented students.

We are deeply grateful for your participation.

If you have any questions or for follow ups in general about this effort, please contact:

Ruben E. Canedo, elias_canedo@berkeley.edu
Kyle Southern, kgsouth@umich.edu
Meng So, someng@berkeley.edu
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