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* 1. What corporate partners first come to mind when you think of Delaware Athletics?

* 2. What media outlets do you use to follow Delaware Athletics? (check all that apply)

* 3. What is the official pizza of Delaware Athletics?

* 4. Name as many businesses as you can that advertise on the Delaware Stadium scoreboard:

* 5. What was your favorite promotion at home football games this past year?

* 6. Were you aware that a child with cancer was recognized on the field during each home game?

* 7. Were you aware that The B+ Foundation is the sponsoring charity behind this program?

* 8. Before this football season, how familiar were you with The B+ Foundation?

* 9. As a result of their sponsorship program, did your awareness of The B+ Foundation increase?

* 10. As a result of the The B+ Foundation sponsorship program, are you:

* 11. Are you aware that Astra Zeneca partnered with The B+ Foundation to bring this program to UD Football?

* 12. What influences you most to attend Delaware sporting events?

* 13. Outside of football games, would free food or prizes be a deciding factor in your attendance at other Delaware sporting events?

* 14. Do you try to support the companies that sponsor Delaware Athletics?

* 15. Where are you most likely to buy Delaware Athletics apparel?


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