Thank you taking the time to provide feedback regarding your recent medical disability examination. Your feedback is very important in assessing the level of care provided by the medical disability examination contractors. All feedback is provided to the VA for further review.

Please use the survey card provided to you to fill out the identifying information in the survey i.e. Doctor's Name, Appointment Date, RO/BDD Site Number, MDE Contractor, and Survey Card Number. The MDE Contractor field and the Survey Card Number field must be filled out in order to submit the survey. Upon completion of this survey please do not mail the paper version. Please see the sample picture below for additional assistance. PLEASE NOTE: The sample picture below is not your survey, the survey card provided as part of your appointment is the survey to be used. 

If you did not receive a survey card please refer to the email or letter you received which will include the necessary information needed to fill out the survey.

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