CSIRO Education and Outreach, on behalf of the BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards, are pleased to offer in-service teachers in Adelaide, the opportunity to engage in a professional learning workshop focusing on science, technology and engineering (TE) inquiries.

This workshop is for teachers who would like to build confidence for facilitating open inquiry in their STEM classrooms. Teachers will explore the 5Es framework for planning inquiry units, strategies for finding and refining inquiry questions, a scaffold for constructing explanations, and a framework for reflecting on their own experiences and practices, which may be tailored for student use. The workshop will also explore key ideas, frameworks, and pedagogies for teaching TE, aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Technologies (including Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies). We will identify a wide variety of appropriate contexts for TE inquiries, and outline criteria for selecting contexts.

This workshop will enable teachers to identify their strengths for facilitating science, technology and engineering investigations, and provide opportunities to further their understandings and skills through CSIRO Education and Outreach’s CREST program.

Open inquiry empowers and motivates students to take responsibility for their learning through: 
  • Active engagement in the identification and definition of a problem;  
  • Generation of questions they want to answer;  
  • The design of an investigation to answer their questions; and  
  • Evaluation of their findings, and reflection upon the inquiry journey. 
Certificates outlining the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers developed, practised, and applied during the program will be provided following the workshop.

Central questions that will drive the professional learning include:
  • What is inquiry? What is technology? What is engineering?
  • What are the necessary knowledge, skills, and processes for inquiry in technology and engineering?
  • How do I facilitate students’ investigations in technology and engineering?
  • What are the challenges of these investigations, and how can I help my students to overcome them?
  • How can CSIRO Education and Outreach support me and my students with technology and engineering investigations?
As an educator in the Adelaide region, you are invited to join CSIRO Education Specialists for a full day workshop at Education Development Centre (EDC), 4 Milner St, Hindmarsh SA 5007 on Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 9:00am – 4:30pm.

A letter of support from your supervisor, on organisational letterhead, must be provided prior to commencement of the program. This can be uploaded during registration or else emailed to Michael Page, Awards Manager, Education and Outreach, CSIRO at bhpbfsea@csiro.au by 5pm Monday 18 March 2019.

A minimum of 15 teachers are required for us to go ahead with the session, so please forward this on to encourage your colleagues to attend. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Awards team, CSIRO Education and Outreach.