1. Overview - ACIITC CARE-IT 2020 National Survey

In March 2020, the Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) was funded by the Department of Health (DoH) to deliver the: Capabilities in Aged & Community Care Readiness an Evaluation of Innovation & Technology (CARE IT) Research Project.

The objectives of this project are to deliver an environmental scan, an aged & community care industry survey and a technology vendor survey culminating in an evaluation report. The project is aiming to understand Aged and Community Care industry innovation and technology capabilities and readiness in the following areas:

·       Business and administrative systems;

·       Reporting and online access to government;

·       Surveillance and monitoring technologies;

·       Telehealth; and

·       Support of safety in the home via a range of smart home applications.

Additionally, we have taken this opportunity to include questions on COVID-19 response, workforce solutions, and innovations or solutions that are available but currently not utilised. The Vendor CARE-IT Survey question set intersects at various points with the previously released Industry-focused survey (CARE-IT Industry Survey). We are particularly interested to identify any gaps between industry usage and understanding as well as what the available technologies are and their use.

Who should complete this survey?

The target audience for this survey is Technology Vendors who deliver products, software and/or technology service solutions to Aged and Community Care services funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health (DoH).

How will the findings be used?

The outcome of this survey, along with an environmental scan and an Industry survey, will be incorporated into a report highlighting the overall level of technology use in organisations, gaps, restrictions and limitations, as well as opportunities for further innovations.

Approach to ethics

The ACIITC undertakes its research based on recognised human research ethics principles, in particular, that participation in our research is a) informed b) voluntary and c) findings relating to individuals are de-identified and confidential.

The survey design acknowledges the Principles enshrined in the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research 2018. These acknowledge the need for an “honest, ethical and conscientious research culture”.


Your participation in this research is voluntary, and you or your organisation may decline to participate without risk. While it is useful to be complete in your responses to the survey, you are free to withdraw from the study at any time or skip questions (except where questions are used to tailor the survey process).

More Information

More information regarding this survey can be located here at www.aciitc.com.au or you may email questions to surveys@aciitc.com.au. A copy of our privacy policy specific surveys can be located here: Vendor Survey Privacy Statement.
More information on copyright usage of this survey can be located at Survey copyright
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