As the struggle for gender balance in the workplace continues, nowhere is there more opportunity – or potential disaster – than in the tech sector. Technology is changing our world at the most rapid pace in history. And the representation of women in technology leadership remains too low; in some areas, it's actually declining.

This survey, conducted in partnership with Bonnie St. John of The Blue Circle Leadership Institute, seeks to decode the challenges organizations face in advancing women into leadership, particularly in tech roles as well as jobs involving science, engineering, and mathematics. The research also explores what actions your organization is taking to address these issues.

This survey will take 12-14 minutes to complete. To show our appreciation for your time, those who complete the survey and provide their email will: 
  • Receive a $5 Amazon gift card (first 100 respondents)
  • Receive a summary report of the survey results once the research is completed.
  • Get immediate download access to Brandon Hall Group’s Women in Leadership Magazine.
Your survey responses will remain completely confidential, and your name will not be given to any external parties, nor will it be associated with any responses. The survey findings will only be reported in aggregate. If you agree to answer a few questions by phone, you may also be contacted by an analyst to request a qualitative research interview about this survey. 

In addition to completing the survey yourself, please ask additional men and women who work in tech roles in your organization to complete it so that we can include their perspective as well.

Thank you in advance for your help with this critical research. If you have interest in pursuing this topic further, we invite you to join our Women in Technology Leadership Advisory Network, which involves business leaders to find solutions to the challenges that impede organizations from attracting, retaining and progressing women in technology. To subscribe, just email us at

Rachel Cooke
Chief Operating Officer
Brandon Hall Group