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Partner with us. Join CampSaver.

Join our community of over 80 campgrounds nationwide that our members love to support. Attract a broad and growing national audience of over 110k members with free advertising in our most valued and used member communication channels.  

When you join we’ll put your camp on our NZMCA map in our app and in our Travel Directory online. In 2021, over 80% of our members used the NZMCA travel app and there were over 850k unique page views of our online Travel Directory.  

Use the below form to tell us about your camp by 30 August. Choose the discounted or flat CampSaver rate you want to offer members and tell us what peak exclusion dates apply. You’ll be able to update your CampSaver listing at any time by logging in to NZMCA’s Travel Directory online (we’ll let you know how).  

To support our existing community of camps, we’ll check that your camp isn’t near another CampSaver camp. If that’s all good, we’ll join you up and start promoting your camp to our members.  

Terms and conditions: 

1.By filling out this form you’re asking NZMCA to join the CampSaver programme. If your application is accepted by NZMCA, you’ll be added to the CampSaver community. 

2.You agree to remain opted in to CampSaver. You understand you can opt-out of CampSaver at any time by emailing NZMCA at If you decide to opt-out you understand that NZMCA may contact nearby camps to invite them to join CampSaver. 

3.All CampSaver camps will be promoted year-round in NZMCA channels even when you’re not offering the CampSaver rate. We’ll encourage members to support you all year-round.
4.Any changes to your CampSaver listing will be reviewed by NZMCA and are subject to approval.  

5.You understand there’s no minimum night’s stay and pre-booking is encouraged but not mandatory given members highly value the flexibility and spontaneity of motor caravanning. 

6.You can exclude any peak dates within a 12-month period. NZMCA will review the exclusion periods for all CampSaver camps. Consecutive weekend exclusions will not be approved unless it’s during the Easter or summer peaks (mid-December to mid-January). You understand that NZMCA may invite a nearby camp to join CampSaver if you choose to offer the CampSaver rate for less than four months within a 12-month period. 

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