Here is your opportunity to be part of the biggest trade fashion event in the Southern Hemisphere

Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) is proud to offer a world-class Volunteer Program for those studying or are passionate about the fashion industry and want to be involved as a volunteer in this years event. The Volunteer Program is open to people of all backgrounds seeking experience in events, PR, fashion, media and production.

Location: Carriageworks, Wilson St, Eveleigh, Sydney, NSW ; Australia 
Dates: Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 2021 (includes Compulsory Induction Day on Saturday 29th May 2021)
Applications close: Friday 14th May
Update date:  First roster will be released on Wednesday 17th May – upon first roster release you will be notified via email of your successful or unsuccessful application.

We have various opportunities available:
You will be involved in and observe different aspects of the event, so your opportunities will be varied. But not to worry, you will be supported by and have the opportunity to learn from of our very capable managers and team leaders. 

Main Areas: 
FOH - Front of house - ushering, room preparation, gift bag distribution, ticketing etc.
BOH - Back of house - dressing, garment preparation, hair and make up help etc. 

Ideal Candidate:
A happy and enthusiastic persons over age of 18. As this is your opportunity to put a foot in the door and to gain some very needed experience in this industry, we don't ask for much - just to be on time, reliable, honest and always ready to learn with a smile on your face.

*Please note that these are volunteering opportunities and therefore not paid. You will be free to end your participation at any time (just try and give us plenty of notice!)

Availability Details: 
TIP 1:  Fill out the form thoroughly and truthfully
TIP 2: The more shifts you are available for = better opportunity to be accepted
TIP 3: Make sure that you are actually available for those shifts that you select as later cancellation might result in complete cancellation of your involvement at the event!

COVID19 Information:
Afterpay Australian Fashion Week acknowledges the impact that COVID-19 has had on the health and safety of people worldwide. We commend the forward-thinking plans of action implemented by the New South Wales Government to combat the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on our community.

Afterpay Australian Fashion Week will work collaboratively with the New South Wales Government entities and the venue (Carriageworks) to ensure that all COVID-19 procedures and measures for the event are implemented seamlessly and in conjunction with venue operational Health and Safety policies. All volunteers will be required to adhere to the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week COVID-19 safety plans and regulations.

For Further Information Contact:
Katie Rhodes
Volunteer Manager

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Application Selection
IMG Fashion has sole discretion over successful applicants. There may be certain cases where the IMG Fashion decides a particular applicant may or may not be suitable for Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, in which IMG Fashion reserves final say.

By submitting this application (“Application”) to be considered as an Afterpay Australian Fashion Week volunteer, you expressly acknowledge that IMG Worldwide, LLC (“IMG”) makes no representations whatsoever with respect to your possible future involvement with the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week event (the “Event”). IMG receives a large volume of submissions relative to the Event and only a very limited number of volunteers will be invited to participate in the Volunteer Program; IMG will only contact you if additional information is needed, and you should not contact IMG with respect to your Application. You acknowledge and agree that your decision to submit an Application is voluntary and does not create any formal relationship between IMG and you (or anyone affiliated with you). IMG has no obligations or duties to you or anyone else with respect to your Application or any materials or information submitted in connection therewith. All plans related to the Event, including but not limited to Volunteer Program, Event schedules and participating designers, are subject to change without notice. All plans are confidential, and are subject to change pending Federal, State and Local regulations and IMG’s discretion.

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