The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is seeking opinions from a diverse group of Michigan residents to help set the direction for the future of transportation in Michigan. We need your help to establish transportation strategies that make Michigan an attractive place to live and work. Your opinion matters!

This survey is part of our state long-range transportation plan, also known as Michigan Mobility 2045, or MM 2045 for short. MM 2045 has laid out a new vision, goals and objectives for all modes of transportation in Michigan. Because transportation is the foundation of the state’s economic vitality and quality of life, we need to understand the needs and concerns of all Michiganders.

Your responses can be emailed to Kyle Haller at or Monica Monsma at or taken via phone by calling 517-335-4381.

Special Accommodations

Accommodations can be made for persons with disabilities and limited English-speaking ability. Large print materials, auxiliary aids or the services of interpreters, signers, or readers are available upon request. To make a request, contact Orlando Curry by phone at 517-241-7462 or by e-mail at with at least seven days’ notice.

Question Title

* 1.
How often do you use the following transportation modes?

  Never At least once per year At least once per month At least once per week Daily
Personal/family car
Public transportation (e.g. bus, light rail)
Rideshare service (e.g. Uber, Lyft)
Vehicle rental service (e.g. ZipCar)
Electric scooter rental service (e.g. Bird, Lime)
Other (please specify below)

Question Title

* 2.
How often do transportation challenges limit your ability to access the following activities or services?

  Never Rarely Occasionally Frequently Always
Other employment opportunities (e.g. conferences, interviews)
Medical (e.g. appointment, pharmacy)
Grocery/retail shopping
Other (please specify below)

Question Title

* 3.
How do these factors influence your decision to use public transportation?

  Not at all influential Slightly influential Somewhat influential Very influential Extremely influential
Availability in my area
Service schedule
Inaccessible design
Outdated facilities
Untrained staff
Service across county borders

Question Title

* 4.
What is one thing that can be done to address these public transportation challenges?

Question Title

* 5.
How can transportation in Michigan be enhanced to improve accessibility?

Question Title

* 6.
How would you like to be involved in the transportation planning process?