Athena SWAN Steering Group listening exercise

Thank you for your interest in this survey.  

You will be aware that earlier this year the Board of Advance HE commissioned an independent review of Athena SWAN. The review is being undertaken by a Steering Group and will focus on:

- The purpose and remit of Athena SWAN,
- The requirements for each level of accreditation,
- The application process and the administrative burden it places on institutions,
- The processes by which applications are assessed and the training and workload of assessors,
- Perceived inconsistencies in the review process. 

You can find more information about the Steering Group, its membership and the process and planned timetable of the review here.

This survey is part of a soft consultation being conducted by the Steering Group.  It aims to collect high level feedback and insights from colleagues across the higher education sector to inform the more detailed, formal consultation on the future shape of Athena SWAN which will take place in the Spring. 

At this stage the Steering Group is keen to gain a better understanding of what you particularly value about Athena SWAN and of any concerns you may have about the scope We would like all feedback but in relation to our terms of reference we particularly welcome comments about the scope of Athena SWAN, the award criteria and the application/assessment process.

As the Chair of the Steering Group, I am very keen to hear from you and encourage you to be open and honest in expressing your thoughts.  I would like to reassure you that the consultation is confidential and that the views expressed in the survey will not be attributed to individuals.  

Thank you on behalf of the Steering Group for your contributions.

Kind regards

Professor Julia Buckingham
Chair of the Athena SWAN Review Steering Group

This survey will close on Monday 28 January 2019.