Your Top Issues

PowerApps is designed for a wide spectrum of users, from those who have never programmed or written a formula before, to those who have experience with programming tools such as JavaScript, VBA, or are an Excel expert.  We are seeking input from the more advanced end of the spectrum.  We'd like to ensure that this group has the tools and capabilities they need to be successful.

We know there are issues today.  Thank you for your many bug reports, suggestions, and comments posted to our community pages.  As a follow-up, we would like to be sure we have fully captured, understood, and correctly prioritized the most important of these issues.  This is your chance to tell us where we should focus our efforts for the months ahead.

And no, we have not nor will we forget about our more novice users.  We will be seeking their input in other ways.

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What is the top issue for advanced users?

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What is the next most important issue?

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And the third most important issue?