#WeR4Music. We Begin the Movement.
Digital has disrupted many industries. However, few have been impacted as much as music, putting pressure on every aspect of the business. 

  • We need to foster and encourage solutions that are both fair and equitable for everybody who creates music.
  • We need aspiring and up-and-coming artists to continue to pursue their craft and develop their own voice.
  • We need today’s artists and creative professionals to be able to make a good living doing what they love.
  • And we need the music industry’s economy to profit from top to bottom, ensuring every participant remains healthy.

By signing the #WeR4Music petition, I’m adding my voice to this vital movement and ensuring every participant in the music industry can realize their creative vision or economic goal—and get the exposure, recognition and reward they deserve for their work.

I welcome, and am encouraged by, Avid helping to get my voice heard.

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