Welcome to the Working with Scotland’s Communities Survey

This survey is part of research commissioned by Education Scotland and CLD Standards Council into the community learning and development workforce. Rocket Science UK Ltd has been commissioned to conduct this research.

We are keen to hear from the widest possible range of practitioners, volunteers, employer organisations and stakeholders. Your views are important for us to be able to understand who is doing what across Scotland. This helps us to better advocate for community learning and development, and better support the workforce, volunteers, employers and organisations with the training and development needs.

Many people and organisations will find it straightforward to identify themselves as being CLD practitioners or employers. We also know that there are many staff and volunteers working in community learning and development roles, and using community learning and development methods, who may not automatically identify themselves as a CLD practitioner. This could include people working in community development, adult or family learning, youth work, community planning, public health, inequality, poverty or other interventions in the community.

Not sure if what you do is community learning and development? Have a look at The CLD Standards Council’s Competent Practitioner Framework - competencies and values of community learning and development – if all or part of what you do in your job (or your role as a volunteer) reflects this, then we’d really like to hear from you.

There are four ways to answer this survey:

1.     As a paid staff member 
2.     As a volunteer
3.     On behalf of an organisation that employs staff that do community learning and development - please answer as the representative of the whole organisation, regional office, department or team
4.     A stakeholder - none of the above but an organisation with an interest in community learning and development as a stakeholder.

The next page will offer you these options.
If more than one of the options applies to you, you can choose to answer the survey twice, or prioritise what you see as your main role. If one of the options for you is to reply on behalf of an organisation that employs staff, then please prioritise the employer survey.

It is not possible to save a partially-completed response and return to it later. If you are responding on behalf of an organisation that employs staff, you may want to review the “employers” survey here and get together relevant information before starting your response.

All responses will be anonymised. We will not use this information to compare performance, expenditure or needs between specific organisations or local authorities. All answers will be aggregated, and the key themes reported on by Rocket Science for Education Scotland and the CLD Standards Council.

If you feel that any questions do not apply to you or your organisation, please skip these questions.

Any questions? Please get in touch with Clare Hammond, Associate Director at Rocket Science UK Ltd – clare.hammond@rocketsciencelab.co.uk or 0131 226 4949