New Reservation Request Form

Welcome to the reservation request form.

This form has been redesigned to eliminate the challenges owners have complained about in the past. Please let us know what you think of the changes. 

1. Owners are welcome to deposit or exchange their reservations with any exchange provider of their choosing. Please recall that depositing or exchanging requires that you first confirm a specific reservation at your home resort. This form is how to complete that process. (Yes, it has always worked this way.)

2. Different exchange providers have been offering incentives to owners who deposit specific weeks. Promotions vary based on the exchange company and their needs.

3. If you plan to deposit your reservation, consider contacting your preferred provider to identify the most valuable dates before submitting a reservation request.

4. Reservation requests are processed on a first come, first served system.

5. Confirmation letters are emailed to the address the owner provides on the request form.

6. Once your confirmation arrives, contact your exchange provider to complete the deposit and verify that they have credited your exchange account with the appropriate deposit credit and the incentive they offered.

7. NEW - Owners who find that they are not able to visit the resort for their annual usage can donate their usage to Holidays For Heroes, a 501(c)3 charity which will make your donated week available to an everyday hero (for example: firefighter, emergency medical technician, paramedic, nurse, law enforcement officer, etc.) and their family. Holiday For Heroes will provide you with a receipt for the value of your donated week (contact your tax professional for details about the tax benefits of this kind of donation will impact your personal tax situation).  If you know of a everyday hero who would benefit from using a donated week, please direct them to for details. 

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* 1. Have you read the Reminders listed above?