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* 4. An independent study of our schools has determined that our elementary schools are overcrowded with current kindergarten through 5th grade enrollment at 115% of capacity. Do you favor the Pendleton School District trying to find solutions to remedy this situation and create more educational space for elementary students?

* 5. By 2015, all schools in Oregon must provide a full-day program for all kindergarten students. In Pendleton, this will result in the need for five or six additional classrooms across the District. Do you favor housing all of our kindergarten students in a single school which also serves as a community-based Early Childhood Center?

* 6. According to a recently-completed technical analysis of our schools, the cost of improving and maintaining some of our oldest schools is higher than building new schools. Do you favor the construction of new schools in Pendleton?

* 7. Educational, energy, maintenance and transportation efficiencies associated with the current elementary school configuration in Pendleton have been questioned in the past. Do you favor the idea of adjusting this configuration in an attempt to maximize efficiencies?

* 8. The current Pendleton School District bond for the Pendleton High School re-model expires on June 30, 2014. The District is considering a renewal of this bond in order to address some of the problems with our facilities. Please indicate your preference for the following options:

* 9. Are there any comments or suggestions you may have?