Transforming Communities, Sharing Knowledge, and Building Networks with International GLAM Labs

DUE BY: JANUARY 31, 2020
LOCATION: Library of Congress, Washington, DC USA

The Library of Congress Labs will host "Connecting Collections as Data: Transforming Communities, Sharing Knowledge, and Building Networks with International GLAM Labs,” May 4-6, 2020 in Washington, DC. This event builds on conversations the British Library and the Royal Library of Denmark hosted around the hopes, dreams, and practicalities of fostering digital innovation in traditional heritage organizations with limited resources. The discussion and output from these meetings, which included state and university libraries across  European, Oceanic and Gulf regions resulted in a BookSprint project and the open access publication, “Open a GLAM Lab”. The buzz from these events created a community of “labbers” and the lab-interested which has grown to 250 participants from 20 countries.

The Library of Congress Labs team will host this emerging community in the United States for the first time to connect with the active and robust digital library, digital scholarship, digital humanities, and collections as data communities active across North America to share knowledge and expand the network. The meeting will be an opportunity for participants to advance an international community of practice and to exchange strategies and methods for advancing the development of innovative services for cultural heritage audiences.

Brief proposals are sought from individuals and groups who are interested in contributing to the program. Submission will be accepted until January 31, 2020 for:
1) 10 minute lighting talks (that may be grouped into themes), or
2) panel proposals that address a single theme with 3 to 4 speakers and a facilitator, or
3) full or half day workshops, datathons, or other hands-on working session.

This is a conference in the Collections as Data event series hosted by the Library of Congress Labs.

Costs, Speaker Honorarium and Preliminary Schedule
There will be no registration fee for attending the event. Pre-registration via the Library of Congress Eventbrite system will be required, a link will be shared when registration opens in February 2020. A limited amount of honorariums may be available for speakers who need financial support to participate in the event. Due to regulations, honorariums are paid after the event, and support is not guaranteed for all speakers.

Draft Schedule
May 4: Digital Transformation Workshop - facilitated with the Liberating Structures method (maximum 75 people)
May 5: Connecting Collections as Data Conference (maximum 150 people)
-----Five themed sessions consisting of three or four lighting talks followed by a panel discussion (60 mins/panel)----
May 6: Datathons or other hands on work sessions in breakout rooms (maximum 100 people total)

Note: Morning coffee will be provided but lunch will be on your own. There is a cafeteria adjacent to the meeting room and numerous restaurants in the neighborhood.

Questions about the proposal process or the event can be sent to .

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* 5. What is your title and affiliation? If you are proposing a panel, what is the title and affiliation of all proposed panel members?

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* 6. If your proposal is accepted, do you (or a member of your panel) need a speaker honorarium to attend the meeting? If yes, please indicate who would need support below. (There is a limited amount of funds for honorariums. Support is not guaranteed. Due to regulations, honorariums are paid after the event.)