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Thank you for checking in to this site and welcome. We estimate it should take about 10 minutes to complete this online survey and to help define the Stoughton you want to claim as your hometown. Please give us that much of your time.

Participants in the public workshop for the Master Plan held in October described what they value most about Stoughton, what they would like to see changed and what the key issues are. The intent of this online survey is to provide you and other town residents and business owners an opportunity to take part in defining a shared vision of Stoughton. Please indicate in your answers to the following questions what you value about Stoughton and what you believe are Stoughton’s challenges and key issues.

Stoughton Community Survey: Your Voice, Our Future

* 1. Which of the following best describes Stoughton's strengths? (Check all that apply)

* 2. Which of the following best describes Stoughton's greatest challenges? (Check all that apply).

* 3. In the next few questions, we are seeking your relative interest in or relative satisfaction with several features of Stoughton.

Indicate your satisfaction level with the following (Select one answer per row).

  Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied OK Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
Town Services
Parks and Recreation
Open Space
Arts and Culture
Youth Activities
Elderly Activities
Town Center
Town Planning
Residential Development
Commercial Development
Industrial Development
Zoning Enforcement
Signage Regulations
Traffic Management
Parking - Increased Availability
Speeding Enforcement
Personal and Family Safety

* 4. Which of the following type of development would you like to see more of in Stoughton? (Select one answer per row).

  Much More is Needed Some More is Needed Not Much More is Needed Not Needed
Single Family Homes
Apartment Buildings
Condominium Buildings
Senior Housing
Affordable Housing
Higher Priced Housing
Retail Businesses
Active Recreational Parks/ Activities (i.e. playing courts, playing fields, trails, skating rinks)
Passive Recreational Parks/ Activities (i.e. benches, picnic areas, common areas)

* 5. What has been your experience with the services provided by the Town? (Select one answer per row).

  Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied OK Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Never used service
Snow Plowing
Street Repair
Water Service
Sewer Service
Visiting Nurse Assistance
Ambulance Service
Fire Service
Police Protection
Veterans Service
Information Requests
Bill Payment Process/Service
Inspections – e.g., Construction/Health/Safety

* 6. What has been your experience with the services/facilities provided by the Stoughton Schools? (Select one answer per row)

  Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied OK Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Never used service
Preschool Education
Elementary School Education
Middle School Education
High School Education
School Special Projects and Fieldtrips
After School Academic Programs
After School Extracurricular Activities (e.g., Clubs, Music)
School Athletics
School Dealings with Discipline Issues
School Involvement of Parents
Physical Condition of School Facilities

* 7. If you have ever applied to the Town or participated at a Board or Commission meeting, please select the statement which best describes your experience. (Select one answer per row).

  Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied OK Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Never used service
Building Permit
Occupancy Permit
Special Permit
Planning Board Approval
Zoning Board of Appeals Variance
Board of Health Approval
Conservation Commission Approval
Board of Selectmen Approval

* 8. Which commercial/retail areas of Stoughton do you frequent most often and why? (Select all that apply per row).

  Close to Home Available Parking Walkability Specialty Stores Shopping Options
Cobbs Corner
Peppercorns/Pages Pearl Street
CVS Plaza
Walgreens Plaza
Tedeschi’s/AutoZone (Central Street)
Stop & Shop Plaza
Page’s II/Dunkin Donuts (Page& Turnpike Sts)
Technology Drive (Kohl’s, Olive Garden, etc.)
Target Plaza
Washington St. from Shaws to Central Street
Shaws Plaza
Downtown Stoughton Square
Stoughton Pizza/Tedeschi’s Plaza
Bob’s Food Mart Plaza
RK Plaza (Panera Bread, etc)

* 9. Which commercial/retail areas OUTSIDE of Stoughton do you frequent that you would like to see in Stoughton?

* 10. Where is your home, business or property located? (Please select your neighborhood by these general landmarks). Check all that apply.

  Residence Business Property
Precinct 1 vote at Dawe School (Stop & Shop,Glen Echo,IKEA)
Precinct 2 vote at Jones School (Across from Striar/Old Colony YMCA,Chapman Rd Area)
Precinct 3 vote at South School (Goddard Medical Center,Copley Nursing Facility)
Precinct 4 vote near door Gibbons School (Dry Pond,Ames Pond,Bird Street)
Precinct 5 vote away from door Gibbons School (Train Station, Faxon Park,Hunt Dr-Poskus St)
Precinct 6 vote at Hansen School (Cobbs Corner,Crescent Ridge,Pinewood Lake)
Precinct 7 vote at West School (Pages,Pinecrest Acres,Marjorie Rd,Tosca Drive)
Precinct 8 vote at Middle School (Downtown,High School,Shaws,Senior Center)

* 11. How satisfied are you with your neighborhood? (Please select one of the following).

* 12. Which of the following best describes your neighborhood's strengths? (Select all that apply).

* 13. Which of the following best describes your neighborhood's challenges? (Select all that apply).

* 14. Do you plan to live in Stoughton for at least the next 10 years?

If yes – why? … If no - why not? (Please do not to exceed 10 lines)

* 15. Please provide any other comments (not to exceed 10 lines). If you need more space, feel free to email the Master Planning Committee through its website (but your email response will not be anonymous).

* 16. This survey is entirely anonymous and no personal information will be shared. In order to know if we've reached a representative sample of Stoughton’s residents, we would like you to answer the following questions about yourself. This information will be compared with US Census information about our town.

What is your gender?

* 17. Which ethnic or racial group do you most closely identify with?

* 18. What is your age?

* 19. What is your annual gross household income?

* 20. What level of education did you complete?

* 21. What type of house do you live in? (Please select one of the following)

* 22. Did you attend the Visioning Workshop on October 15th?

* 23. How long have you lived in Stoughton or operated a business here? (One answer per row – choose most appropriate)

  0 to 5 years 6 to 10 years 11 to 20 years 20+ year
Own or owned a business
Own a home
Rent a home
Live with relatives or friends rent-free
Own other residential property
Own or rent other commercial property
Own or rent other industrial property

* 24. How many people are in your household and how many people are under the age of 18 and /or over 65?

  1 2 3 4 5 6+
Number of people in household
Number of people under age 18
Number of People over age 65

* 25. Where do you work and how do you travel to get there? (select all that apply)

  Bicycle Car Walk Bus Train
(Neighboring towns: Brockton, Avon, Randolph, Canton, Easton, Sharon)
Other location (specify below)