All full time Arc staff are invited to join a Wellness Buddy Group. Once a month this group will go for a walk or get a coffee together. Groups will be of 3-5 and be a mix of staff from different departments. 

The first time you meet is to learn about each other’s wellness goals. Each person chats about their own individual goals. These goals could include healthy eating, drinking or sleeping habits, stress management, work/life balance and self-care activities. All the possible things you could do to improve your health and happiness. You’ll discuss possible obstacles and brainstorm together to come up with solutions.

The future catch ups are for you to pay attention to each other’s progress and offering positive words. Ask each other what they’re most proud of and health benefits they’ve noticed. Remind each other to keep it up and set new goals.You may decide to bring in a new fruit or vegetable for the group to try, share your favourite healthy recipes, or decide to do light exercise together.

Receiving support from a wellness buddy is a powerful experience, enabling a level of progress difficult to achieve with a solo effort. Giving support is equally powerful by promoting accountability, reinforcing a personal commitment to healthy living, building friendships, and rewarding buddies with the tremendous satisfaction of making a big difference in someone’s life. For more about the science behind this program see here 

If you'd like to be assigned to a Wellness Buddy Group complete the form below by Friday Nov 10, after this date please email Amanda 

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