The Allstate Against Abuse Team - Volunteer of the Year Award honors Allstate agency owners and/or personal financial representatives who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and service to local domestic violence serving organizations.
-->Nominee must be an Allstate agent or personal financial representative
-->Nominee must be a current and active volunteer (within 12 months)
-->Volunteer duties must be performed without pay or compensation of any kind

Ideal nominees demonstrate any of the following:
-->Serves as an inspiration to others through his or her persistent volunteerism with a domestic violence organization.
-->Uses their skills and expertise to provide assistance to a local domestic violence organization and to have a positive impact on the lives of domestic violence survivors.
-->Initiates, leads or plays a critical role in domestic violence-related projects in their community.

* 1. I would like to nominate the following Allstate agency owner and/or personal financial representative for the Allstate Against Abuse Team - Volunteer of the Year Award.


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