ICF International, in partnership with the Local Government Commission and Susanne Moser Research & Consulting, has received funds from the California Natural Resources Agency (via the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute) to study the challenges and opportunities involved in funding and implementing climate change adaptation projects and measures at the local level in California. You are invited to participate in this survey because you work at or with local level-government on climate change adaptation, preparedness, and resilience building efforts (understood here as all those efforts involved in assessing, planning for or implementing actions that help local communities deal with the consequences of a changing climate).

The results of this survey will inform regional stakeholder workshops where financial and institutional barriers and opportunities will be discussed further. They will also be integrated in the overall study reports and publications.

While summary responses will be shared, your individual responses will remain anonymous and confidential and will not be reported in a way that is identifying specific individuals or organizations. The study protocol has been approved by the ICF Internal Review Board and complies with all ethical standards for social science research.

The survey will take approximately 8-10 minutes to complete.  We greatly appreciate your time in responding to these questions.

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