Hello OVLC Elementary Families,

We are currently planning to offer OVLC as a long-term learning option at grades 2-4. This option will be provided to families as a year-long commitment. To prepare class sizes and staffing for the 2021-2022 school year, we are asking current OVLC families to commit to either OVLC or in-person learning for next year, through this online form. This will be your formal commitment to either OVLC or in-person learning. Families who are unsure at this time will be included in their elementary school’s in-person roster planning, with the option to choose OVLC by August if there is space available. We cannot guarantee space in the OVLC for selections after May 24.

Click ‘Next’ to begin the survey. You will be prompted to re-start the survey at the end for other children in your family.