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Welcome to The Student Voice!
Please read carefully before you start. Your teacher or the staff member helping you to complete this survey may read directions or any part of the survey with you. If there are words or statements that you do not understand, please ask for help. It is very important that we have your answers based upon questions that are asked.

About The Student Voice:
The SV is for you, as a student in this school, to help us understand how well the school is working. We believe students have an important role in helping teachers, staff and administrators understand how well we are doing and what we may do to help student learning.

PLC Associates, Inc., based in Florida and New York, will conduct the survey and oversee all elements of collecting information and sharing it back with your school. They operate according to a strict Professional Code of Ethics. Students' names are not included in this survey; all your responses are anonymous.

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Please finish the entire survey and at the end, press Done. There are 30 rating scale questions and 3 commentary questions. The rating scale questions are on a 5 part scale. Use N/A if the question is Not Applicable or if you have No Answer.  When writing comments, spell correctly and please do not use inappropriate language.

If you do start and are unable to complete the survey, or your session is interrupted, your answers will only be saved by page if you click the Next tab.Therefore, if you need to exit early, press Next and those answers in that section will save. When you re-enter, go through the Survey Check In, which is required, and then go to the question where you left off.  (Please note: If your survey session is interrupted, it is best to ask your teacher for help.)

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes. The questions are about different parts of school such as instruction, activities, school materials and school supports.

Please be candid; we want to know what you think as a student in this school. If there are questions about any part of this survey as you are taking it, please ask the staff member who is helping. Thank you.

We appreciate your input, students!
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