Thank you for your interest in the ACE Cloud Operations Training. Our waiting list is long and while we will do our best to accommodate everyone, we prioritize customers and partners.
Please contact with any questions.

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* 3. Please note that there are labs in this bootcamp. 100% completion of the labs is necessary in order to successfully attain ACE Cloud Operations certification.

If you are a Windows user and use PuTTY, please familiarize yourself in advance with this page for step-by-step instructions on how to convert an SSH pem key to ppk format.

Please ensure that you have an SSH client and Microsoft RDP client installed on your PC and you are comfortable using them.

I acknowledge that I have access to an SSH client and Microsoft RDP client and am comfortable using them. I understand that if I am unable to use them, I will not be able to successfully attain the ACE Cloud Operations certification.