ACWW Covid-19 Impact Survey #2

What is the purpose of this survey?
ACWW would like to gather information from members around the world to see what impact Covid-19 (novel Coronavirus) is having on rural women in different communities. We have access to international networks and platforms where we can advocate for our members, but need up-to-date information.

How long will it take?
The survey will take approximately 7 minutes to complete.

What do I have to do?
You will be asked to indicate your activities in the last week, your feelings about national policies, and about activity in your community. If you do not feel comfortable answering a question, you may skip it - but the more information we can gather, the more useful it will be for ACWW to advocate internationally for our members.

You may also be asked personal or sensitive information that is important for the results of the study, some of which might make you feel upset, anxious, or embarrassed, so you can choose not to take part, or leave the survey incomplete. Please note that this information will be kept strictly confidential.

What do I need to know?
- We are gathering information on the impact of Coronavirus / Covid-19 on women
- Whether or not you take part is up to you.
- Your participation is completely voluntary.
- You can choose not to take part.
- You can agree to take part and later change your mind.
- We will not ask your name, your address, or other personal details
- All information received will be held in the strictest confidence and only shared in an anonymous way
- Your decision will not be held against you.
- You can ask all the questions you want before you decide.

If you have any questions, please contact ACWW's Policy and Communications Manager Nick Newland at

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* 1. Are you happy to take part in this Survey?

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* 2. What is your gender identity?

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* 3. Did you complete ACWW's Covid-19 Impact Survey #1?

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