BaliSpirit Festival 2013 - Feedback Questionaire

This survey is to help us understand how to improve the festival participant experience.

Dear Participants, the Bali Spirit 2013 Festival is complete. As said by the amazing presenter, Nadine McNeil: "What an amazing wrap! Words do not even come close to describing the experience. As we now take some time out to rest, restore and replenish there is only a feeling of gratitude."

I would like to ask that you please help us improve the annual BaliSpirit Festival by taking a short amount of time to answer the questions on this magical & helpful feedback form. We appreciate your continued friendship and any constructive criticism you can give us! Thanks so much for being a part of our BaliSpirit Festival Family!

Blessed Love and Abundant Light!

Meghan, Rob, Dek, Rebekah and Team!

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* 7. Will you come back again?

* 8. If no, why?

* 9. Were the ticketing options easy to understand?

* 10. What Pass Type did you purchase?

* 11. Did you know that you could become a ticket promoter/reseller?