Welcome to BD-Institute's Benchmark Study 2017!

Thank you for participating in BD-Institute's Benchmark Study 2017, a wide-ranging look at best practices and outcomes in current business-development and enterprise-sales organizations. Specific goals include:
  • Understand how business-development organizations operate most effectively
  • Benchmark outcomes in government-facing and business-to-business selling environments
  • Compare performance outcomes among various types and sizes of companies in diverse markets and world geographies
  • Investigate current trends and emerging challenges to business-winning teams
  • Characterize the impact of business-winning maturity on how well companies perform and adapt to changing markets

The survey is in five (5) parts. These are (a) demographics of participating companies, (b) characterization of business development / enterprise sales environments, (c) characterization of competitive environment, (d) performance metrics, and (e) self-assessment of BD-CMM maturity.

Throughout this study, the term “operating unit” is intended to be generic. In a small company, it can mean the entire entity; whereas in a corporation with many businesses, it should be construed to mean a particular entity within the corporation, such as a “business area,” “line of business,” or similar entity with separate profit-and-loss visibility.

If you have any problems or questions as you complete the survey, please contact us at research@bd-institute.org.
Again, thank you for participating! We look forward to your input!

* Before you begin the study questionnaire, please provide the following contact information.  We need this information strictly for communication purposes -- keeping you up-to-date on the study status, following up with you on any issues, and assuring that you receive the summary of study findings.  This information will not be shared with anyone outside the BD-Institute.

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