The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) invites feedback on proposals to reform the building regulatory system.

MBIE appreciates your time and effort in responding to this public consultation.

How long it will take to complete the submission form

The full submission form will take about 50 minutes to complete. The actual time will depend on the number of section(s) you choose to complete and how much detail you want to provide. You can choose to skip individual questions or entire sections that aren’t relevant to you.

If you partially complete the form, your responses will automatically be saved. You can come back and complete the form later as long as you use the same device and browser.

This consultation will close at 5:00pm on Sunday 16 June 2019.

Use of information

We will use the information in submissions to refine the proposals. We may contact people or organisations that submit feedback to clarify points they’ve made.

MBIE may publish your feedback unless you ask us not to; your feedback is subject to the Official Information Act (OIA)

MBIE will publish a consultation report summarising the results of the consultation. If you don't want your name or any personal information to be included in anything we publish, please indicate this on the next page of this survey.

People will be able to obtain copies of your submission by making a request under the Official Information Act 1982. If you want us to keep some sections confidential, mark these sections clearly in the comment box for the relevant question and tell us why you’d like it withheld (i.e. commercial sensitivity, etc.). MBIE will take your reasons into account and will consult with you when responding to requests under the Official Information Act.
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