Do you use a car mount with your smartphone?

We think that car mounts are the best way to take your smartphone with you on the road. We're curious to know if you agree, if you own a car mount or not, if you like them or not and why. Thanks for sharing!

* 1. What is our primary phone?

* 2. Are you currently using or have you ever used a car mount with your smartphone?

* 3. If you're already using a car mount, what brand do you own?

* 4. Which of the following car mount brands are you familiar with? [Please select all that apply]

* 5. How important are each of the following car mount criteria to you?

  Very important Somewhat important Not important
Suction cup strength
One-handed ease of use
Offers integrated charging cable
Compatible with most cases (including thick ones)
360 degrees portrait/landscape swivel

* 6. What activity do you or would you most use a car mount for? [Select all that apply]

* 7. Do you listen to music from your phone while driving?

* 8. If you do listen to music from your phone in the car while driving, what is your audio setup?

* 9. If the "ultimate" car mount existed, what features would you most want it to have?

* 10. How much would you pay for the absolute best car mount in the world?

* 11. What is the one thing that you like least about car mounts?