Thank you for your interest in participating in this research.

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training has commissioned independent consulting firm dandolopartners to evaluate the Coding Across the Curriculum program, which includes funding for the Digital Technologies Hub.

The research focuses on how the Digital Technologies Hub supports teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. As part of the research, dandolo is inviting teachers to participate in:

  • A school visit - This is an opportunity to help dandolo understand how digital technologies resources are used in practice. It will involve a half day visit to your school in Term 2. During the school visit, dandolo would like to undertake at least one classroom observation and interview teachers using digital technologies resources.
  • An online discussion forum - This is an opportunity to share and discuss your perspectives on digital technologies education more broadly. The online discussion forum will run over the course of a week in Term 2. A new question will be posted each day. How much you contribute is up to you. You can sign-in whenever you would like to check the new questions, read the discussion and add your own comments.
Participating in the research will contribute to information on how digital technologies resources are being used in different settings and identify opportunities to further support teachers implementing the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. We are looking for all types of schools to participate, including schools that have only just begun using digital technologies resources.

Voluntary participation

Participating in the research is completely voluntary. If you register your interest in participating and then change your mind you are free to withdraw at any time.

Confidentiality and anomymity

Insights gathered from school visits and the online discussion forum will be completely confidential. Only the evaluation team at dandolo will have access to any raw data that is collected (e.g. interview notes, classroom observation notes). Individual views you share will not be distributed and will not be reported in a way that can be used to identify you.

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