Welcome to the Digital Risk Assessment, which analyses digital risk levels that may be present within your secondary school across five distinct categories:
  • Internet performance and scalability
  • ICT simplification and cost risks
  • Student wellbeing and cybersafety
  • Cybersafety awareness
  • Staff wellbeing and productivity
The data provided allows us to analyse your school’s current situation, risks and provide you with a gauge on the impact or consequences from these risks.

A tailored report will be created detailing the relative risk, consequences and recommendations based on the data analysis and industry best practice.

Information provided is in strict confidence and the report is provided as a confidential document, not shared with any third party. The report will be the property of the school and may be shared with external parties after gaining written permission from CyberHound.

Any additional information you provide assists in analysis of your school’s digital risk.

This assessment takes between 15 to 20 minutes to complete.CH DRM
5% of survey complete.