A Best Practice Learning Survey for the Virginia CHC Leadership Institute


'Joy in Practice' is a vision statement for a health care environment where people are able to deliver excellent care in a supportive team culture. Joy in Practice is important for optimizing patient care, enhancing professional satisfaction, and helping people avoid burnout. The CHC Leadership Institute has provided a Practice Guide on Creating Joy in Practice based on best practice recommendations from credible sources.  But we also know that within our own organizations, people have applied many creative strategies for creating Joy in Practice.  The purpose of this brief survey is to quickly generate a list of these 'best practice' strategies so we can share them across our organizations.    

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* Creating Joy in Practice

Please use the space below to share one good thing that your organization has done create more Joy in Practice.  The strategy you share could be large or small.  It could be something people said or did.  It could also be a specific practice change, or policy change. The only criterion is that it had the effect of enhancing Joy in Practice for the people in your organization.  You can list as many strategies as you like, but we hope that everyone will share at least one.  We will compile a list of responses and share them back with every participating organization.  (Note: You can also share this survey around your organization, and invite everyone to share their insights.)

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