The Mediterranean Innovation Partnership (MIP) has the mission of strengthening the Mediterranean Entrepreneurial and Innovation Ecosystems through knowledge sharing and transfer, capacity building and cooperation. By networking Innovation Support Organizations (ISOs) and other ecosystem players in the Mediterranean countries and by implementing activities geared towards the enhancement of the local innovation and entrepreneurship support value chains, MIP contributes to the empowerment of the younger generation, stimulating and supporting them in launching and innovating companies in the agrifood sector.

Within this framework, CIHEAM Bari in collaboration with BUSINESSMED (Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises) and INSME (International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises), is engaged in the creation of the Mediterranean Observatory on Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems. The observatory aims at gathering and analysing the information relative to the innovation strategies implemented by local ecosystem enablers within the realms of innovation and entrepreneurship. It aims at enhancing know-how and best practices’ transfer among ISOs with regards to the methodologies and process enabled to support the launch of startups, the interaction with and among SMEs and the business communities, hence facilitating the generation and growth of businesses and jobs in the MIP countries.

By filling this survey, your organization will actively engage in the setup and running of the observatory and will benefit from the networking powers it will unleash while providing connections with peers and with international expertise. The outcomes of this survey will feed into the development of a database for the elaboration of the MIP annual report that describes the innovation scenario in the Mediterranean in general, and in the agrifood sector in particular. This will aim at building for the Mediterranean Observatory  on Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems.

Your contribution as a stakeholder in the innovation ecosystem in your country is of high importance and will contribute to have a complete overview of the existing entrepreneurship support programs that will enable the MIP network to serve you better through the different activities that will run in the Mediterranean countries.
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