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Date: Tuesday 31st March 2020
Time: 1pm - 2.30pm 

Change is constant in business, the challenge for business leaders is knowing why, what and when to change, and ensuring they have the business agility to allow them to change rapidly when required.

The CIO has a critical role to play in proactively enabling change within the business, both as an IT and business leader. On the former, they must have the people, process and technology in place to support wide-ranging business demands, in order to help the business keep pace with economic, societal and market shifts. At the same time, with 3 in 4 EMEA-based CIOs now seeing their roles as strategic business leaders, and with boardrooms increasingly expecting them to drive innovation, they have a role to play in the introduction of new products and services and in improving customer experience.

In short, CIOs must play both an IT and business leadership role in ensuring the business is able to cope with twists and turns in the road, whatever those may be.

“How an organisation deals — or is prepared to deal — with ‘turns’ and disruption will dictate how that organisation succeeds in the future,” said Gartner on a note about CIOs in 2020.

“These turns can take the form of acquisitions, cost pressures, shifts in consumer demand or other challenges, but the reality is that unprepared organisations will sustain permanent damage.”

At this digital roundtable, brought you via video conference, we focus on how CIOs proactively enable business agility and adaptability, allowing the organisation to rapidly change as needed.

We will discuss:

-          CIOs as digital leaders: How CIOs provide clear and effective leadership across the business
-          The need for business agility in order to facilitate change, enable innovation and gain competitive advantage
-          How CIOs can facilitate business agility
-          How frameworks can enable rapid change in a controlled way, minimising risk while maintaining BAU
-          The CIO’s role in developing and fostering new cultures and ways of working
-          The importance of transformation being rooted in people and process first, technology second

Please note that this virtual event is open to senior IT leaders from enterprise companies only. Registration does not guarantee your place at this event, and you will be contacted with confirmation of your attendance.